Our Austin-Area Home Inspector Answers Your FAQs

by | Lakeway Home Inspector

Buying a house is a big deal, and you want to do everything you can to make sure you know about any possible issues with the property that you are preparing to buy. Hardy Boys Inspection Services is here for you when you need us most, providing you with industry-leading inspections that you can rely on. We understand that you might have some questions when you meet with our Austin-area home inspector for the first time, which is why we will address a few home inspection FAQs in today’s post. Check them out below, then contact us at 512-789-8159 today to schedule your appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions for Home Inspectors

Why Do I Need a Home Inspection?

There are many reasons why you might need a home inspection. If you are getting ready to buy a home, a thorough inspection by an experienced home inspector can help minimize the likelihood of unpleasant surprises down the road. This is true in the case of newly constructed homes as well as older homes. If you already own your house, a detailed inspection every once and a while can help ensure all components of your home are functioning as they should. Home inspections are also helpful for sellers, as they provide the opportunity for homeowners to identify and fix any possible issues before putting the home on the market.

How Much Experience Does the Home Inspector Have?

Our professional home inspector, Eric Garner, has more than 15 years of experience in the construction industry. This includes hands-on experience with several trades, more than nine years of commercial construction experience for general contractor Hensel Phelps, and a degree from Texas A&M in construction science. Additionally, Eric has numerous professional certifications and qualifications which can be reviewed in further detail when you call.

What Is Included In the Home Inspection?

When you hire Hardy Boys Inspection Services for your home inspection, you’ll receive a two- to three-hour inspection that covers all major components of your home, including the foundation, roofing, framing, doors, windows, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and major appliances. Unlike other home inspection companies, we also include the following services for free in our standard inspections:

  • Foundation measurements (one measurement per room)
  • Thermal imaging (infrared) scans
  • Contractor and specialist referrals (upon request)
  • Sprinkler system Inspection
  • Option period repair estimates (upon request)

We also offer several additional services, including, but not limited to, termite inspections, well inspections, mold inspections, septic system inspections, pool inspections, and water quality testing.

Do I Need to Be Present for the Inspection?

It is not necessary for you to be home while our home inspector is there. However, being present for a home inspection is an incredibly valuable experience for property owners. Not only does attending the inspection give you the opportunity to ask the home inspector any questions, but it also allows you to see any possible issues first hand. Knowing what is normal and what is not is essential for learning how to maintain a home.

What Happens If You Find Issues With the House?

If our home inspector notes any concerns with the property you are preparing to buy, this does not mean the house has “failed” the inspection. Rather, it provides you with the information you and the seller need to negotiate possible repairs that need to be completed before the real estate transaction is completed. If the inspection reveals problems that are significant enough that the lender will not approve the loan or the seller will not pay to repair them, you always have the option of resolving the issues yourself in order to purchase the home.

Why Should I Hire Your Company?

We realize that you have a choice when it comes to hiring a home inspector in the Austin area, and while our opinion may be biased, we truly believe that we offer the best inspection services in town. This is because we provide our customers with more than just your average home inspection. We go above and beyond to cover every component of your home, from the roof down to the foundation and everything else in between. We even offer free sprinkler system inspections and we partner with a licensed HVAC technician to make sure your heating and cooling system is up to par. Our past inspections and customer testimonials speak to what sets us apart from other local home inspectors.

Contact a South Austin Home Inspector

Do you have additional questions for our home inspector that aren’t covered in today’s post, or are you ready to schedule your Austin-area home inspection? If so, help is just a phone call away. We would love to speak with you about our inspection packages for buyers and sellers, and we are happy to provide our customers with a one-year warranty. Don’t delay — contact Hardy Boys Inspection Services today — we look forward to serving you!