How to Prepare for Our Lakeway Home Inspection Services

by | Lakeway Home Inspector

Having a home inspector examine the interior and exterior of your home can be beneficial in many different circumstances. Whether you are getting ready to sell or you just want reassurance that your home is safe and structurally sound, professional home inspection services can help you identify potential concerns so that you can address them before they develop into larger problems. Hardy Boys Inspection Services is here to provide you with the peace of mind that you deserve by providing inspections that are thorough and affordable. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

In the meantime, let’s review five easy ways that you can prepare your home for our Lakeway home inspection services.

Five Prep Tips for Your Home Inspection

Remove Pets

Our team loves pets — in fact, we have a couple of our own. However, we kindly request that you remove your pets from your property before we come to inspect your home if you will not present for the inspection. This is for their safety just as much as it is for ours. The last thing you want to worry about is whether or not Fido snuck out of the back yard as we were inspecting the exterior of your home. Additionally, your pets may act differently if a stranger enters your home or yard when you are not there and the safety of our inspection team is important. If you are unable to remove them from the property, placing them in a crate works just as well.

Clear Clutter

It goes without saying that you want your home inspection to be as thorough as possible. After all, if you are in the process of buying or selling a home, your inspection report is one of the most useful and powerful tools you can bring to the table during the closing process. As you are preparing for your inspection, take a good look around your home to make note of any areas where clutter has accumulated. If you have a ton of cleaning supplies underneath your sink or stacks of boxes surrounding your hot water heater or furnace, it could make it difficult for us to perform a proper inspection. Clearing clutter ahead of time will be very helpful to our team.

Unlock Gates

During the course of our home inspection services, we will examine both the inside and outside of your property. As such, it is important to make sure we have access to all areas of your home as quickly and as easily as possible. While we can usually access all outside areas through an exterior door, it is helpful if you are able to unlock exterior gates as well. This provides quick access to your backyard and enclosed areas on your property and allows us to streamline our inspection, performing tasks like checking pools and wells without having to re-enter your home to get to them.

Turn On Utilities

This tip can really help ensure that you get the most accurate and thorough home inspection possible, especially if your home is vacant and in the process of being sold. Our team checks many different systems and appliances in your home including the HVAC system, electrical and plumbing lines, and any major appliances. Before we arrive at your home to provide our home inspection services, please make sure the gas, water, and electric utilities to your home are turned on. Without these utilities, it is impossible to inspect and/or test many of the major systems in your home.

Provide Attic and Crawlspace Access

If you are like most homeowners, you probably don’t think about your attic and your crawlspace very often. These places may be used for storage or you may simply just not every use them. However, during your home inspection, our team will need to access these areas to check things like ventilation, electrical wiring, and plumbing lines. It can be pretty challenging for us to navigate these areas if we have to work around piles of storage, or worse, if their access panels or doors are not accessible at all. Prior to our arrival, please take the time to make sure these areas of your home are accessible and free of clutter.

Licensed Lakeway Home Inspection Services

Are you searching for a licensed home inspector in Lakeway? If so, look no further than Hardy Boys Inspection Services. From pool inspections to termite inspections and thermal imaging, we do it all! Our home inspection services start at just $299 for a two- to three-hour inspection that covers all major systems inside and outside of your home. Beyond that, we are proud to offer additional services for free including foundation measurements, contractor referrals, and option period repair estimates.

Are you ready to discover the Hardy Boys Difference and receive the best home inspection in Lakeway? Schedule your inspection today!